Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Bouncer Watch List for 4/5/2011

Here is a list of possible bouncers for Tuesday.

MAJC had very little volume today so it would have been tough to play. I still really like this play, and will be watching for higher liquidity. Bounce play above $0.55. I don't really like the continuation play.
SBAY set up nicely after falling today in what would have been a good trade for the continuation play. A nice looking exhaustion candle formed today. Bounce play above $2.33.
CBEH also fell today with what was a good continuation play. A nice exhaustion candle formed today hopefully setting up a nice bounce. Bounce play above $2.31.
OMER bounce play above $5.20. I don't like the continuation play.

I still like RST above $14.00. Also watching NTAP, MNOV, AOB and CVVT for better setups.

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