Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review of Daily Bouncer Watch List for 3/30/2011

CAR hit the buy signal for the continuation play, but then immediately retreated. Considering it went only one penny over the buy signal, and then stayed within the range the rest of the time, I would say this stock is still in play. It is a good stock to keep an eye on for a break out of this range.
SFD stayed in a range for most of the day, and then fell past the short signal near the end of teh day. The stock fell 10 cents, so it could have been good for a small gain.

CPLA was a good bounce play. It broke
past the bounce signal at $49.24 and reached a high of $50.68.
RES was a good continuation play today. It broke past the buy signal at $24.99 early in the morning, and reached a high of $25.39 before losing momentum.

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