Monday, March 28, 2011

Review of Daily Bouncer Watch List 3/28/2011

This review will not have charts, as I am getting to this so late in the night. The stocks on the watch list performed well today, though some stayed in a range and never came into play. BBY and CAR were the stocks that never came into play today.

EBIX was good for a quick buy and sell in the morning. From the buy signal above $24.07, EBIX reached a high of $24.59. 2% in the first ten minutes the market is open is a good trade.

ARBA was a good reverse bounce play. The short signal was below $33.35, and the stock reached a low of $33.06 in twenty minutes.

VRX could have been a decent reverse bounce play. The short signal was below $44.85, and it reached a low of $44.21, but it did take most of the day for the stock to drop that low. I would not have stuck around that long, as I do not like to hold my money in a stock for too long. I am a scalp trader at heart though, so my patience is very thin when it comes to waiting for a stock to move.

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