Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trying to develop a solid microcap strategy

I am still currently developing a microcap and penny stock strategy to find penny stocks that will bounce big. I figure if I can develop a strategy that can consistently take advantage of the big gains that penny stocks often exhibit, the ones that become losses will easily enough be accounted for by the big winners. As always, money management is going to be the key. This is a longer term strategy I am developing, so quick gains won't always be had, but slow and steady wins the race as they say. The general basis for my strategy is the popular pincher play. I am currently in MFGLQ, CPIC, SNDY, DIMEQ, ADNT, HPCS, GRBE and DRRX. Most of these are bottom plays I am hoping will explode based on my research, but a couple of them are pump plays.

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